Canada Migraine Treatment Benefits

It Only Takes
15 Minutes

This fast, easy and comfortable procedure is a gateway to lasting pain relief.

Very High
Success Rates

This procedure provides a much higher SPG block success rates with lower risks involved.

of Treatment

A minimally invasive, non-surgical and fast procedure that lets you get back to your day immediately.


Can be used safely during pregnancy.


Low cost and covered by some insurance companies and provincial health plans.

Stay Active
and Live Life

SphenoCath give you the ability to return to job or daily activities immediately.

Canada Migraine Treatment BenefitsWe now offer Canada migraine treatment benefits that are unparalleled in ease, comfort and results for most patients. Physicians now have access to this new treatment for chronic pain, offered exclusively by CB Medical. This simple, in-office procedure is usually completed within 15 minutes and is also covered by some insurance provider benefits. This increases the treatment options for your clinic and the net result is a happier, healthier patient. If you would like to integrate this revolutionary new treatment option for your patients, contact us today.


SphenoCath® Gives Canada Migraine Treatment Benefits

The SphenoCath® delivers pain relief medication in a comfortable and fast 15-minute procedure.

SphenoCath® - A revolutionary new SPG block treatment without needles, cotton swabs, atomizer sprays, or systemic narcotics. When it comes to severe chronic, cluster and episodic migraine headache pain, SPG blocks have been time-tested for effectiveness. This treatment provides immediate and long-term relief from migraine and other associated pain in an easy, efficient and effective package.