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Sphenopalatine Ganglion SPG BlockSphenoCath® is a revolutionary new sphenopalatine ganglion SPG block treatment option that differs drastically from standard headache prescription medicines and treatments because the pain is tackled straight at the source. With a fast, painless and minimally invasive non-surgical method of SPG/PPG/Trigeminal blocking action – patients can get on with their lives more quickly than ever.

Traditionally an SPG block is given through the nasal passage via a cotton tip applicator or through the side of the head with a painfully long needle. The cotton swab applicator was historically soaked in viscous local anaesthetics. With the patient supine, the applicator was inserted approximately 6 cm into each nostril for 5 minutes, removed and then this was repeated three times. The internal nasal mucosa was often irritated by this repeated insertion and removal. Both approaches carry hazards, involve sedation and are very uncomfortable. SphenoCath® changes all of that today with its painless, quick and easy procedure that provides relief for most patients in minutes.

As an alternative to traditional SPG blocks – the SphenoCath® device is a one-of-a-kind, smooth, flexible, spaghetti-sized catheter. It uses a flexible exterior sheath with smooth edges for comfort and a flexible internal angled catheter to release medication. Patients experience complete comfort and convenience without using a needle to reach the nasal passage.

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If you suffer from chronic migraine pain or headaches or wish to offer this treatment as an addition to your practice, SphenoCath® may just provide the much needed relief you need. Contact us today for further information regarding implementing SphenoCath® in your practice or finding a physician providing the treatment in Canada near you.